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Unlocking the full potential of your Electric Vehicle. Freedom guaranteed.

Launching soon, not everything works right now

Features we would like to implement in FreedomEV core:

  • Prepare everything for distribution and make it available on github
  • Create 'app creation manual'
  • Create a config file for general settings and a config file for each application
  • Create a transparant overlay icon on the MCU
  • Explain how to perform full car image customisation guide
  • Easy launching interface
  • Enhanced romance mode
  • Add NTFS support for mp3's on USB sticks for the normal media player (only a kernel module away)

Possible 'apps' we would like to see added eventually:

  • sound on reverse gear
  • Android app support
  • 360 camera view
  • wifi hotspot mode
  • changed 'xmas show' for the Model X
  • dashcam recording
  • usb keyboard or midi interface to control all lighting and doors for easy choreography with Model X
  • easy access to maintenance mode and/or screens
  • disable/enable updating
  • play YouTube and other movies
  • very short, less loud horn possibility for pedestrians who don't hear the car at slow speeds
  • Karaoke App - Who will be contributing that?
  • feature editor to modify any variable
  • manually change Wh to km conversion rate to match driving habits and/or historic/meteorological conditions
  • ability to visualise or edit and remove location based suspension changes
  • display a warning against Range Mode in cold weather conditions or on a road trip 7 minutes before arriving at a SuperCharger

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a package for distribution with FreedomEV?

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