Frequently Asked Questions

== Why is created?

We want to add features to our cars with or without the consent of the car manufacturer. FreedomEV wants to create an easy and unified way to add applications and features, so app makers can focus on their own app of interest, and owners can choose what they want to add. All software contributions to the FreedomEV 'app store' is free and opensource software. FreedomEV takes no responsibility with respect to this software. As the source code is fully visible, and can easily obtained, it is your own responsibility to verify and modify your cars systems through this software. Use at your own risk.

We hope that car manufacturers will assist consumers and whoever wants to perform service to get full access to their own cars if they require so. And seek collaboration wherever possible.

Many features have been promised to 'become available sometime'. Certain of these features could be easily implemented by contributors and car owners. We want to help and allow others to help to improve our 'Electric Vehicle' experiences.

== How to root your Tesla?

This web site presumes you already have root access on your Tesla. We prefer not to discuss on this forum how to obtain root privileges. Currently root is mostly obtained by getting physical access to the internal Ethernet network of the car and then using a software bug in one of the systems to (eventually) gain root access to them. Tesla might give consumers root access when they ask for it. We hope this will allow more and more enthousiasts want to contribute to their Tesla experience. Basically at the Tesla Service Center, they need to perform the command on the central display:

cat /var/etc/saccess/tesla1

If you have output of that command, and a Fakra connector to connect to the internal network, all it will take, is the addition of one crontab entry to the cid. This crontab entry will keep your reverse ssh tunnel alive, so you can always connect to your Tesla. And this will also check if a usb stick is inserted. On this the rest of the FreedomEV applications can be launched. If the usb stick is not inserted, the crontab entry will just exit and do nothing. This means that when you go to Tesla Service or want to undo all changes/additions, removing the USB stick will be all it takes. We noticed the USB port can loose power over time, and while we investigate what's causing this, we suggest to use a powered usb hub between the USB ports in the center console and your USB stick. We recommend to use a 64Gb stick, but for now even 4Gb will be sufficient (adding media like movies to it will make it grow quicker).

The crontab entry to add looks like this:

* * * * * bash /var/freedomevbootstrap

And we hope you will be able - soon - to download it like this:

curl -o /var/freedomevbootstrap

== What if Tesla doesn't want to give root to your car?

It's unsure if Tesla is legally obligated to give full access to your own car. For now, we recommend to stop updating your Tesla, as possible bugs which can give root on the internal car network are fixed by Tesla. We don't really like this situation, as we prefer a situation where found bugs could be given to Tesla without endangering the way to get root. Our interests should be aligned.

== Does Tesla like what FreedomEV is doing?

Only time will tell, but Tesla seems mostly hacker friendly. Our experience with the Service Centers has been wonderful. We believe it's important to not claim warranty if you broke something yourself. Tesla Service seems very understanding about this and seems to be curious about what we will make.

== What if Tesla doesn't like it and blocks us?

We are easy to block: we want to rely on 1 line in the crontab entry. If Tesla removes the cron deamon, writing to the /var/spool/cron, they can stop what we are doing without a lot of effort. We hope, however that they will not and are as enthousiast as us to bring more features to Tesla cars quicker. There are other options if the crontab entry gets blocked, so surely FreedomEV will live on, no matter what, but we hope Elon will like this and Tesla embraces this..

== Why the name FreedomEV?

Currently we focus on becoming the 'free app store' for rooted Tesla's. Maybe other car computer systems will have similar requirements in the future, we want to remain open for that possibility. And it was a free dot com domainname, yay!